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team building

Escape Rooms and Team Building

Escape Rooms and Team Building Escape Rooms are the newest concept in team building. And it’s being adopted by many team leaders across the world. Building a functional team is a challenge. It’s not an easy task to hire a group of people, train them, and expect consistent, effective results. It takes an ultimate effort to build every person and group to operate as a functional tool for each required project. Although open communication, trust, a particular skill set, and analytical strengths matter to the success of a team, sometimes there’s a need to develop these things outside of your workplace too. For team building, there have been many social activities and exercises to engage them. What Is an Escape Room? Escape Rooms are modeled after online escape games. Employees are kept “locked” in a themed Escape Room… and…

Suspect Escape Room Opens

Escape Rooms have exploded around the world—and the game is changing! Kersey Valley Attractions has taken the Escape Games to NEW levels with high-technology gameplay. The Suspect Escape Room game is now open and features new ways to play with props that are “smart.” The game changes with you, and no two groups will experience this room the same way. Based in the prestigious detective’s office of Chris B. Bacon, you and your fellow rookies are being promoted. But as fate would have it, something goes wrong immediately on your big day. Assume your new identity and take on the task to Escape! This newest Escape game room from Kersey Valley Escape will immerse you in the world of the CSI crime fighters. This is a family adventure that the whole family can experience, or a group from your office will enjoy. Make…